What to Expect?

Receive the results you need for your chronic pain and other symptoms when you undergo whole body cryotherapy from Dr. Timothy P. Spears. At our office in Arlington, Texas, we proudly present this innovative treatment method for each of our patients. No matter what is causing your discomfort, Dr. Spears has the right solution.

How Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Work?

Whole body cryotherapy uses nitrogen gas to lower the client’s skin surface temperature from normal body temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 to 45 seconds, and keeps it that way for 2-3 minutes. The skin reacts to the cold by sending messages to the brain to stimulate the body to go into survival mode. This is accomplished by shunting blood from the extremities to the core, where the blood is enriched with oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients.

What Happens During a Session?

A staff member will come into the room and go over the instructions with you. He or she will then turn on the whole body cryotherapy chamber and stay with you, talking you through the entire process. We will be asking for your feedback throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort. We will only see your face, as the rest of your body will be in the chamber.

How Will I Feel Afterward?

Because the effects of whole body cryotherapy are different for every client, your effects will depend entirely on how your body reacts to the session. Typically, most clients feel an increase of energy and flexibility and a decrease of inflammation or pain within the first few minutes or hours. Some clients feel the first impact the next morning after a sleep cycle. Many report noticing a deeper sleep and feeling reduced pain and inflammation during the following 48-72 hours.

Contact us to speak with our staff about the benefits of whole body cryotherapy treatments. At our office, we proudly offer options for patients throughout Arlington, Texas.